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We believe everybody needs a website. After all, it’s the tool for the online marketplace.
Sadly, not everybody can afford a really good website. We decided to fix this and came up with a solution. We thought of all the features any website really needs and hand-picked the best proven tools to build them quickly.
So now we can offer really good websites at fixed low prices.

Landing pages

Showcase products & services
Promote events
Generate leads
For only £350

Business websites

Unlimited pages & images
Portfolio gallery
Customer feedback
For only £500

Online shops

Unlimited products
Full shopping cart system
Online payments with PayPal
For only £700

Get your new site in just 3 days*

What you get

All our websites and landing pages come with these nifty features by default:

  • WordPress CMS
  • Protection and security
  • Responsive design
  • Mobile optimised
  • SEO & social ready
  • Sharing buttons
  • Blogs & comments
  • Image galleries
  • Contact forms
  • Mailing lists
  • Analytics integration
  • Full ownership
  • Free hosting*
  • Free CDN*
  • Free SSL certificate*
  • Image compression*
  • Website use training*
  • Free support*

What’s the catch?

We use the rock-solid WordPress engine with a curated selection of proven plugins and design templates.
To keep the special offer prices low we stick to what’s available ‘out of the box’. We don’t do any bespoke code or design customisations, we don’t add any extra functions, and we don’t upload your content except for the basic top-level pages like ‘Home’, ‘About Us’ and ‘Contacts’.
There are no hidden maintenance costs except the yearly registration fee for your domain name and hosting costs (if your project is too big for free hosting).
After 21 days of free support we’ll be happy to help you for just £30 per hour. Although, frankly, we don’t really think you’ll ever need this.

Need more functions or custom options? We can do it!

How it works

Three simple steps to your new website:

Define your purpose

What do you need your website for?
What will it offer your customers?
What will it do for you?

Make your choices

Choose design templates
Mix and match available settings
Decide what best serves you

Prepare your content

Structure your information
Write up your headlines and texts
Find images to go along*

Our workflow

  • When you place an order with us, we get back to you for details on the functions you need, and provide a free consultation.
  • We then compile a list of design templates and functions for you to choose from.
  • When you’ve made you decisions, prepared your content and paid the deposit, we start working.
  • Three days later, when our work is and tested, you pay the rest of the fee and we pass you all control over your new website.
  • We teach you to use and update your site, and provide 21 days of free technical support.

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